ALSAD > Values


All values that lead to success in producing the best quality caps and preforms are our roadmap that we follow all along the way toward our strategic objectives.

Loyalty to our brand, our team, and our customers is the magic word that allows us to deal with any obstacles that we might encounter.


Transparency is the only language that has been used with our customers that leads to continuous mutual trust and profitable relationship.


Partnership in ALSAD we believe in two kinds of partners; the first one is our professional team that creates the value for our dear customers, and the second is our customers that we always seek to expand their customer’s base by satisfying what they need.


Punctuality arises from our belief in the crucially of time either in production or delivery. Time consuming is not an option for us.


Proactivity is our credo in directing and controlling the situations we face in developing products, services, and solutions for customers’ needs. We are always willing to take an initiative rather than wait for an opportunity.


Responsibility assuming responsibility is always there. We are aware of the fact that responsibility for the business is above all things.