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Quality Assurance

ALSAD seeks to be the pioneer and the strong competitor that has an appropriate share in the market of plastic caps and performs, and this can’t be fulfilled unless the quality plays an essential part all along the way of the value chain that starts from the raw material reaching all the way to the final product.

Besides all the certificates that ensure the quality in the organizational, managerial, and product level, which are ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP, the company pays excellent attention to producing a totally compatible product with the customer’s specifications. Consequently, ALSAD owns a 360° CVS system which is extremely highly sensitive to the slightest manufacturing defects in each individual cap produced, so CVS has the superior ability to identify the incompatible cap of its own specifications, and reject it instantly from the production line.

Plus the previous quality methodologies, we consistently fulfill the highest expectations concerning hygiene, sterilization and safety. Economical and considerate handling of our environment and resources is definitely a matter in all our endeavors.

Above all, we have a specialized laboratory equipped with the latest accouterments and technologies to examine every single aspect of our product.